Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Shenandoahs, real life bears, and more!

Friends and Family -

First, I will have you know that Jeremy was the first to find - and photodocument - a mythical creature in the Shenandoahs.  While I have seen this 'bear' picture with my own eyes, I still find it hard to believe.  I expect Jeremy will be posting his evidence soon for your review.

Second, I have returned from the wilderness, bringing my part of the journey to an end.  While I was thoroughly enjoying my time--with very unique daily physical and mental challenges--I could not help but frequently turn my mind to the real world, and my real life.  

As we exited the Shenandoah park I began to seriously reevaluate where I was, and if I wanted to spend another 3 months disconnected.  Want, and should, were debated for quite some time and my decision was that the correct course of action - both personally and professionally - was to return to the real world and continue to pursue my life and it's broader goals.

I certainly have enjoyed my time away; I have learned a lot about life's necessities, and I have met a lot of fascinating people.  I'd certainly love to share my experiences, and stories with you as we are able in the coming months.  After nearly 1,000 miles of walking, a few hospital trips, near hypothermia, and countless views and mountains - it was time to come home.

For me, I thank you all for your support and comments throughout the trip and I wish the other two the best of luck, and Happy Trails!

-Category V