Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trail Names

With the number of people that you meet on the trail and the majority of them being John, Matt, or Chris, trail names come about as a way to distinguish hikers more uniquely. Trail names are normally given to a hiker by their fellow hikers coming from something stupid, heroic, or funny that they did or a part of their gear that makes them stand out. It brings entertainment both in being creative in coming up with names for fellow hikers and also in explaining where your name came from. We have now named everyone in the group that we have been regularly traveling with as well as having group and subgroup names:

The Scrubs
    Hannah - Poker Face
    Eli - Impact
    Will - Speedy G
    Tim - Rocky Mountain High (aka Rocky)
    Taylor - Fromage
    The Phast Philly 3 (aka the Engineers)
        Josh - Bringing Texty Back (aka Texty)
        Chris - Category 5
        Jeremy - Mayonnaise Pockets (aka Mayo)
    The Brothers Jack
        Connor - Little Debbie
        Gordon - Der Hundmeister, Ja!
        Jack the dog - Boullion

You will have to ask each of then personally where their names came from. 


  1. Vote that we continue to call Jeremy "mayo" after he returns.

  2. RE: Heartbleed Bug (aka how Cat 5 financed his trip), Perfect Alibi - "I didn't do it, I was on the Appalachian Trail!"

  3. Jeremy, your mom and I agree--we should call you MAYO from now on....we can only guess that you had mayo packets in your pockets and they burst ??? == NOT ATTRACTIVE!!!!
    Love seeing the blogs about your adventures. Glad the trip is fun (sometimes not fun). Stay dry and keep smiling...try to figure out what 'nuts for the nuts' means in the next box...hint: I sent you something.Love, Aunt Cathy

  4. This whole experience is amazing! What a year to do this, stay healthy and strong. Keep the cameras charged, I am enjoying the pictures. You are so lucky to view this beautiful creation and share with others. I am in Awe!! :) :) :)