Sunday, March 30, 2014

Departing Franklin, NC - Mile 109

Day 10 - passed the 100 mile mark!  Franklin, NC - we have arrived!

The days have been cold, the nights colder.  We even got some snow one blisteringly cold and windy evening!  Looking forward to warmer weather.

We had our first trail magic back in Neal's Gap -- missing parts and an outdated camelbak replaced by a mint-condition one from a hiker box!

In Hiawassie we were given delicious chilie and cookies right in the trail!

Speedy G may have overstocked a bit on food

And later, we even had time for a beer!

Then our first milestone - One state down!  Goodbye Georgia!

We walked, and ate, and slept...

And we made it to Franklin!

And also, I got a bunnie cookie! (Love you Marguerite!)

Today we're back on the trail -- Onward towards the Smokies! 

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Hope the weather turns warmer for you soon! I like seeing the pictures and knowing you guys are safe/alive :)

  2. Love your photos and blog reports! Wishing for warmer weather to come your way. (my way as well-I am sick of winter!)
    Lisa McWaters

  3. I love you too!! I'm glad you liked the cookie! I can't wait to see you in Hot Springs!!! Mwwahh!!!

  4. Wow, I also did not realize you guys are going all the way to katahdin - that's really amazing, guys. The trail goes right past where I grew up in Massachusetts - about an hour hike up a path called the Elbow trail that links up with the AT just after Mt Riga, Mt Everett and Guilder pond - depending on when you guys pass through, it would be amazing to come meet ya'll on the trail up there and spend the night /supply you with goodies. Im in NY so fingers crossed this occurs on a weekend - only a short train ride up. Have a blast guys I am really envious of this journey. So epic. Again safe travels - I'd love to see you on the trail if only for a night.