Saturday, March 22, 2014

Neel Gap

Day 3, we made it to Neel Gap! We are all amazed by how the little amenities feel so incredible now. 
Thank you again to Vanessa for dropping us off and then having a brutal drive home. 
We hit all of our planned destinations so far, and the first two nights in shelters were great experiences, getting used to the routines of each day and already meeting some incredible people hiking thru with us, Tim, Hannah "Pokerface", Elijah, and a few others. Hannah was the first to receive her trail name after having a particularity bad poker face and hiding in her coat while playing cards. Athough the three of us have not received names individually, as a unit we have been dubbed the Fast Philly Boys. 
We hoped to take it kind of easy on Saturday after a tough day on Friday of hiking almost 11 miles before lunch and then taking on the formidable Blood Mountain that stood in our way of Neel Gap. The mood changed to excitement and jubilation at the top of Blood Mountain and spirits were high during our descent, knowing that "civilization" was soon at hand. We picked up our mail drops (thank you so much Kristen for the fresh fruit, and Margaret aka Mum for our big resupply), and gorged ourselves on frozen pizza and microwave cheeseburgers. Then came showers, laundry, and the enjoyment of each others' company in the warmth of a cabin.
The plans for the next few days have changed a bit after seeing the weather report of rain starting Saturday night, continuing through Sunday and Monday before turning to snow on Tuesday. So we will push on Saturday, Sunday and hopefully get to a hostel along the way on Monday to take a zero day Tuesday during the snow. Regardless, the plan is to still make it to Franklin, NC by Friday for April Fools Fest. 
Take care everyone and please leave comments for us on the blog!


  1. I hope you're taking lots of pics along the way! I love that you're all taking the time away from everything in order to take this adventure - admirable for sure. :) We'll be following this blog to follow along! Stay safe, guys!

    P.S. How does one send stuff to these mail drops? Do you have a listing of addresses/dates?

  2. 1st time posting - still figuring out this blog! Sounds like the adventure is everything you had expected - WHOO-HOO!! I almost wish I was there to be in on all the fun and excitement - HA, not really. Carry on having the time of your life & I can't wait to see the next posting. XO to all . .

  3. Testing testing --- Mum checking out the blog with Frank

  4. The fast philly boys - adorable! Stay safe - no broken/missing limbs. I love you Christopher!!

  5. Hi, I'm Tim's mom. He mentioned that you have a blog. I'm glad my son is hiking with Pennsylvanians even if you guys are from the wrong side of the state. Go Steelers!

  6. Definitely try to post a list of mail drop addresses and then maybe cross them off when you pass them, so we can send you useless stuff.

  7. Jer - Lets talk about the boxes I am shipping...
    enough supplies / not enough? Something I am
    not including?
    Just want to double check.... Love you lots

  8. This is really cool guys - its going to be a journey you will never forget! Looking forward to following all your travels!! Stay safe.