Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gear Test One - Nomad CHARGEKEY

This is the first of possibly a few gear reviews we will do as we evaluate (break, tear, destroy, and become furiously angry with) things over the next 6 months.  Full disclosure on this particular item:  I was in contact with Nomad's team about shipment timing for our trip, and they were nice enough both expidite my order and they threw in a second CHARGEKEY free of charge.  Crazy nice team to interact with; however, opinions in this post are my own and no compensation was received for my statements.

The story!  After extensive Amazoning for a lightweight iPhone 5s lightning cable and/or microUSB cable for my Kindle... I gave up and returned to trusty Google.  Almost immediately I found the crowdfunded project by Nomad called CHARGEKEY.

Aside from obviously being something I wanted to attach to my key ring immediately, I thought this is perfect for our thru hike!

My plan is to carry a single microUSB CHARGEKEY and use the Apple microUSB to lightning adapter (also tiny sized for easy losing) - saving both space and weight over anything else on the market.  Anywhere. Period.

Received the nicely flat packed envelope today and got right to it.  Here are some pictures of my experience-

Envelope scattered amongst some gear!

Cute intro as we dig in!

BOOM!  Hello, little friend!

Test one: Kindle!! Success.

Here's my plan for test two!  Notice the tiny little adapter from apple.  For normal users, Nomad offers a lighting variant of the charge key which we will see later.

BOOMDIEADA! Tiny, lightweight, versatile (thanks to the gf for unknowingly lending her phone for this shot)

Another shot of my setup, Apple wall adapter is pretty much 80% of the size and weight here.

Nomad CHARGEKEY lightning on the left! (Key ring attached as I wanted) And microUSB on the right!  What an awesome concept!

Plenty more gear and more to come friends.

We leave TOMORROW for Savannah.  First trail day is March 19th.  IT'S GO TIME.

----updates to follow as we gain experience and test durability on the trail---

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  1. Hey guys! Hope all is well. Looking forward to more entries. Stay safe, and we'll see you when you hit the PA border. I'll be the gal in the "Suddenly Hamilton" shirt.