Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blacksburg VA, over 600 miles and some Hokies!

OK, what is a Hokie??

We made it into Periaberg yesterday afternoon to be picked up by our wonderful college friend Fran and her b/f Greg!  Whisked away on the highway (WOW-I had forgotten how fast cars move) we arrived in Virginia Tech's college town for showers and dinner!

Also, we slept like kings! (Yes couches, but cushy, no mummy bag, no waking up to bugs, or numb limbs from cramped sleeping conditions.. Etc). It was glorious!  Also I was reminded how awesome whole house fans are in nice weather.  So peaceful!

The last few days have been great!  Let me take a moment to chronicle the high points and then I'll get into some "trail injuries".

Leaving the Highlands, the weather improved (finally!)

We saw cows! (I swear this one was challenging me, I kept my eyes down and hurried on!)

More delicious trail magic!

And here are a few shots of Virginia, as people expect it to be - beautiful and nearly flat (so nothing like the Highlands elevation wise)

Here comes the F-L-A-T!

Following white blazes all day, sometimes can get you in trouble-here is Jeremy contemplating his next step

Some highway blazes -

And the best angry sign from "management" ever!  Take particular note of spelling and use of apostrophes on this classy trash bag notification (people were very nice, and food was good!  I felt bad for their paint problem)

And now!  Spring, every so slowly, is creeping up here and there.  Found some beautiful flowers this past week!

Beautiful views from the Davis Farm Campaite... However it has the worst 1/2 mile trail spur from the AT.. Quite a difficult and unmaintained drop to manage at the end of the day!

I skipped Bland and my visit to a Podiatrist in this post (a very anxiety ridden few days for me considering the repercussions of a badly hurt foot on trail).  I'll write again soon and fill in those gaps!

-Category V

P.S.  OVER 600 miles!


  1. Yay healing feet and flat land for a while! Also - don't upset the cows! XOXOXO! I love you!! In LESS THAN A WEEK I'll be on my way down to see you!!!!!! Mwwwahhh!!!!

  2. 600?? Let me know when IT'S OVER 9000!!!