Thursday, May 1, 2014

We came here for the views!

The Virginia Highcountry is one of the more beautiful areas of the trail.  Vast landscapes, balds, and ponies dot this landscape.  Unfortunately, we saw almost none of this because of wind, rain, hail and a tornado warning.

Here are Texty and Pockets enjoying the view from a nice bench -

And here is Jeremy looking out from another great vantage point -

Thomas Knob shelter, at almost 5,500 feet was our safe house for the night -

Who knew we had lakefront property?!!

Through the wind, rain, and hail so loud we could hardly think, our spirits were high.  It was a wild ride, but fun.  The temperatures have been higher, so frostbite is no longer a fear - it's amazing how that fact alone makes things better.  We passed the time playing cards, and yelling over the noise.

And we even saw a pony!

-Category V


  1. Thanks for the recent post - sorry you are having such soggy weather.
    Love the pictures...
    Glad you are all still having a good time.
    Miss you guys

  2. Pony pony pony pony pony! So cute!! I've never seen a wild pony - I'm so jealous!!! Love you!!!!

  3. Hamilton doesn't look like he lost any weight...i think you guys need to hide the food better at night! Ponies are lame, have you seen any leprechauns?

  4. Can't believe no one texted me about the pony! Pics are great though.